Ashley Seery – A Closer Look at an Adelphi Rider




President Ashley Seery of the Adelphi University Equestrian Team shows off her riding skills.

Ashley Seery is the president of the Adelphi University Equestrian Team and one of the many talented riders on it. Though she only began her riding career two years ago when she first came to Adelphi University, she’s worked her way to the top and now represents a team filled with dedicated riders. The focus required to master riding and the hard work needed to excel at it is just part of the reason she loves to be a member of this team. Her soft spot for animals is another.

“It looked like such a fun sport, and you get to be with animals for it, so it doesn’t get much better,” said Seery.

The connection between horse and rider is extraordinarily important, and Seery is incredibly aware of just how vital it is for each party to respect each other. Though she doesn’t own one herself, the countless number of horses she has ridden has highlighted the significance of a pure, symbiotic relationship between rider and horse.

“I think that what makes it so special is the trust you have to have in your horse,” she said. “The horse also relies on you to direct it. You have to work together and pay attention to each other.”

Though she finds riding a relaxing pastime, she also enjoys taking part in horse shows. During these events, riders are challenged to outperform others in jumps, riding form, and presentation.

“I have a bit of a competitive side, so I knew I wanted to compete as soon as I could,” said Seery. “The shows are such great experiences.”

Seery is excited to continue her career as a rider and looks forward to spending countless more hours doing what she loves. She knows that, with the help of the rest of the Adelphi University Equestrian Team, she’ll continue to expand her skills, refine her technique, and go on to accomplish great things.





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