Katie Corwin – A Closer Look at an Adelphi Rider



Corwin and one of the barn horse’s head out for a ride.

Katie Corwin is a somewhat new addition to the Adelphi Equestrian Team. Though she has only been a part of the team for a year, her love of horses began much earlier than that. Her uncle has owned thoroughbred race horses for as long as she can remember, and her time around them has cultivated a great love for the animal.

“I always loved being around horses, but since they were always in training, it was a strict no riding policy,” said Corwin. “Even though I wasn’t allowed to ride the horses, watching the horses run around the track was majestic enough for me to be hooked!”

Despite never being in the saddle when she was younger, Corwin did everything she could to spend time with the horses in other ways. From mucking stalls to brushing and washing them, she made sure that she was hanging around the track as much as possible. This dedicated care in her earlier years, and her current role as an Adelphi rider, has taught her the importance of being entirely in synch with the horse she’s riding on.


Corwin takes a moment to show some love to one of the horses at the stables.

“I mean just think about it; one person is put in charge of a thousand pound animal that is capable of running at speeds of over 30 miles per hour,” said Corwin. “I never quite realized how in touch you had to be with the horse until I started riding. Even something as simple as where you look can dictate where and when your horse will move.”

Now that Corwin has had a chance to ride, she couldn’t imagine ever stopping. Despite a few spooks that came along with some minor mistakes, like pulling the reins too hard or stopping the horse too suddenly, Corwin has known nothing but joy when riding. Not only does she feel empowered by taking the reins, she also feels that she’s constantly growing in her riding skills.


Excited to ride, Corwin jumps on the saddle to practice her skills.

“There is something very liberating about being on top of an amazing animal while the sun is shining down on you,” she said. “Riding is also a never ending learning experience. It feels good when you hop off a horse and realize you learned something new or overcame something that you couldn’t do the week before.”

Corwin looks forward to continuing her career as an Adelphi rider. She and It’s a Blue Moon, one of her uncle’s horse who she has affectionately nicknamed Blue, are excited to tackle whatever comes next.





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